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Play Bold! Huddles

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Her Next Play is dedicated to developing women leaders through sport. We value starting youth leadership development at a young age, which is why we created our Junior Varsity Board of middle school female athletes. In response to COVID-19 we found it essential to provide our middle school athletes with virtual opportunities to keep their game sharp.

How It Worked

Throughout the month of April and May Her Next Play's Junior Varsity Board participated in "Play Bold Huddles." These 40 minute virtual huddles for middle school athletes included conditioning, yoga, and high energy workouts, as well as speakers on leadership and mental skills. They learned from sports psychologists, athletes, and fitness experts on how to keep their game sharp during social distancing.


During the Play Bold Huddles the JV Board members participated in yoga, HITT, and conditioning workouts led by Varsity Board members Dakotah Poitra and Idalis Riley. Through the Play Bold Huddles, JV Board members were introduced to new ways to stay active at home while their sports were temporarily suspended because of the ongoing pandemic.

Topics and Speakers

  • #1: Coping with uncertainty presented by Premier Sports Psychology 

  • #2: Improving your game with visualizations presented by Ally Baker

  • #3: Self talk to improve sports performance presented by Taylor Finley

  • #4: SEE US workshop presented by Courtney Place

  • #5: Resilience in sports with Lea B. Olsen. 

  • #6: Power of shifting perception presented by Lindsay Risebrough

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