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Rookie Career Accelerator Spring Retreat

Hosted by Prouty Project in their Strategic Leadership Lab, the Rookie Career Accelerator Spring Retreat focused on the theme of Being Bold!

Adrienne Jordan from the Prouty Project kicked off the retreat with an interactive and engaging session on Building Your Brand and Authentic Presence. Working through activities on authentic leadership and signature strengths, the RCA cohort members shared their Superpowers, and learned how their Superpower + Authentic Presence = Leadership Brand.

Cohort superpowers include: Team Player, Genuine, Loyalty, Multi-Disciplinary Lenses, Generator (ideas, energy, outlook), Confident, Comfort, Energy, Passion & Tenacity.

Next, Cathy Winter from Premier Sport Psychology spoke to the group about bringing a Bold Mindset to their careers. Cathy shared her experiences working with elite athletes and teams, and engaged the cohort on how they could use their athlete mindset to achieve peak performance, manage leadership transitions, overcome barriers and boost confidence.

After reflecting on key learnings on authentic leadership and bringing a bold mindset to their careers, the cohort had the opportunity to hear from a powerhouse panel of HR leaders including Adriana Gabbard (Target), Julie Vessel (MONO), and Olivia Glaudel (​​Värde Partners). No topic was off limits, and the panel shared their insights on salary negotiations, workplace conflicts, performance reviews, promotions and authentic leadership.

To conclude the retreat, Rookie Career Accelerator mentors joined the day for a mentor mixer. Mentors and cohort members had the opportunity to get to know each other personally and professionally during a connection activity that included small discussion groups connecting throughout the Prouty Project offices.

It was a development filled day and really energizing to have the Rookie Career Accelerator Community together!

“The Spring retreat was so much fun and the speakers were amazing” - RCA Participant

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