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The Her Next Play ® SEE US ® program spreads awareness about womxn athletes being underrepresented, sexualized, and judged on appearance rather than ability.

About SEE US

See Us Group Photo Club Bison July 2019.
The SEE US Movement started as a school project by All-American volleyball player and Her Next Play Varsity Board member Courtney Place in February of 2018. The mission of SEE US is to spread awareness about womxn athletes being underrepresented, sexualized, and judged on appearance rather than ability.
In May of 2019 SEE US was announced as a Victoria Secret PINK GRL PWR Project winner and was awarded $10K to continue advocating for womxn athletes. SEE US then became a Her Next Play program June of 2018.
Athletes of all ages across the country are showing support of the movement by posting online, buying apparel, and fighting for gender equality. Recognition of the movement is seen on the national level with famous athletes and coaches such as Cheryl Reeve, Lindsay Whalen, and Kerri Walsh following our social media accounts, commenting on our photos, and replying to our tweets. Join us in the fight for the next womxn! #SEEUS
SEE US Workshop

The SEE US Workshop educates middle and high school girls about gender inequalities in sports and discusses common experiences womxn athletes face- underrepresentation, sexualization, and being judged on appearance rather than ability. Participants will learn not only about these important topics, but will discuss what to do when experiencing them. Interested in a SEE US workshop coming to your school or club? Contact us at for more information.

“I learned that only 4% of sports coverage goes to women’s sports.”
"We were shown how to be unapologetically proud of our accomplishments."
"I learned not to compare my life to other's based on social media."

Redefining Strong

SEE US founder and Her Next Play Varsity Board member, Courtney Place, published Redefining Strong to inspire kids to persevere and overcome their struggles and insecurities. The children's book follows five collegiate female athletes and the obstacles they faced in their careers. Want to have us come to your classroom for a book reading? Contact us at

"An excellent book that all girls should read! Being strong comes in all shapes and sizes."
"By integrating these conversations into children’s books, we can continue to become more comfortable challenging the status quo."
“What this book is doing to make discussions of gender equity accessible is incredible."

SEE US Founder & Redefining Strong Author, Courtney Place

All-American volleyball player and author Courtney Place is available to come speak at panels, schools, teams, and clubs about her experiences as an athlete and womxn athlete advocate. Reach Courtney at


Courtney Place is the founder of the SEE US Movement. SEE US spreads awareness about womxn athletes being underrepresented, sexualized, and judged on appearance rather than ability. Courtney studied gender inequalities in sports during her time at Augustana University where she obtained her media studies degree and was named an All-American volleyball player. Her dream of continuing to advocate for womxn athletes came true when she was announced as a VS PINK GRL PWR Project winner and was awarded $10K in May of 2019. SEE US became a program underneath Her Next Play, a nonprofit that develops the next generation of women leaders through sports. Upon graduation, she published Redefining Strong, a children’s book that gives kids female athlete role models and empowers girls to overcome teasing, bullying, societal images, and media underrepresentation. The book discusses Courtney’s battle of having large feet as a young girl which led her to be chosen to walk the DSW runway during New York Fashion week. Courtney is happy to represent womxn and girls with large feet and show the possibility of owning one’s insecurity- with a cute pair of boots, of course!

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"Knowing that things could be worse should not stop us from trying to make them better."

Former collegiate athlete, Malissa LeClaire

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