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The Her Next Play ® Career Accelerator Network (CAN) brings together a powerful network of current and former female athletes focused on leadership and career success. Playing sports builds powerful leadership skills and female athletes have enormous career potential.

Did you know?

  • 94% of women executives participated in sports.
  • 52% of women leaders in C-suite positions played sports at the college level.

CAN Members

CAN Members enjoy a community of support from current and former college athletes from across the nation. Through programs, workshops & events we help CAN members develop critical career readiness skills, build their professional brand, expand their support network, and accelerate their careers.

Current student-athletes and former athletes are invited to join. Member benefits include:

  • Community: Join a group of women who get you! Current and former female athletes support and guide each other through the loss of identity that comes from the end of playing college sports, while also celebrating the growth and discovery that comes with this new chapter.  

  • Develop leadership & career skills: Attend workshops and events or join a coaching circle for leadership and career readiness training designed specifically for athletes and delivered through the lens of sport.   

  • Job Opportunities: Learn about internship and job opportunities from our network of partners and sponsors. 

  • Membership Directory: Access to the member only LinkedIn CAN Group to connect with our members across the nation.

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Member Events

We hold events and learning labs to bring members together virtually and in-person.  These events center around topics vital to successfully transitioning from college to career including: financial power;  building your team (networking); health & wellness after competitive sports; breaking into the sports industry; negotiating for the win; and more.


Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles provide mentorship and support to female athletes in the early years of their careers. The 12-week program is a safe place for mentees to discuss current challenges and solutions along with an opportunity to connect, learn and grow.  Successful women business leaders and athletes serve as mentor coaches and share their insights and experiences on topics such as:

  • Building Healthy Habits

  • Dealing With Mistakes and Failures In Your Career

  • Building Strong Relationships

  • Working in a Male Dominated Environment

Looking to bring CAN to your college, university or team?

​We also partner with athletic departments and coaches to facilitate leadership and career development workshops & boot camps for female student-athletes.  Contact us at learn more about these customized programs. ​

CAN Programs

Career Readiness Boot Camps

These three day boot camps provide intense career readiness preparation for busy student-athletes. Held on-site at a variety of companies, student-athletes experience different workplace environments, observe company cultures, and truly get a sense of what it would be like to work in an organization. With our innovative experiential learning approach student athletes learn through doing and are trained on making their pitch, interview skills, resume building, LinkedIn, and networking. Student-athletes learn about a variety of careers from speakers who themselves are former collegiate athletes.








Leadership & Career Development Workshops

All of our workshops are designed to address the specific needs of women athletes and lessons are delivered through the lens of sport. In partnership with athletic departments and teams we develop customized leadership and career development workshops to teach student-athletes how to successfully transition from sports to career, articulate transferable skills built as an athlete, and how to build their brand and navigate the job search process. While these workshops are customized, trainings have included:

  • Building Your Team For Career Success

  • Game Plan For Your Job Search

  • Your Superpower: Transferable Skills Built Through Sports

“The Career Accelerator Network is here to prepare and guide female athletes through the uncertainty of starting and navigating their careers. Many of us lacked resources and education on why networking is necessary, who to connect with, what questions to ask, how to develop professionally and so much more. That is what the Career Accelerator Network is all about. They provide a comfortable environment to meet extraordinary professionals and discuss any of the career questions you have.”

-CAN Member, Ellyn Adelmann

Varsity Board

Her Next Play’s Varsity Board, made up of former college athletes representing all different sports from a variety of colleges, leads the Career Accelerator Network. Leaders, athletes, and high potential professionals, Varsity Board members plan and lead CAN strategy and events and help Her Next Play connect to athlete communities. 

"I am a CAN member because it is a program that is passionate about building up female leaders wherever they are in life.  The commitment they make to members is so pure and constructive, it truly creates an amazing, innovative and strong community of female leaders."

CAN Member, Camryn Speese

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