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Her Next Play ® Play Bold Leadership Programs inspire girls to stay in sports, and develop as leaders through sports.

About Play Bold!

Her Next Play ® Play Bold Leadership Programs inspire girls to stay in sports, and develop as leaders through sports. We partner with schools, coaches, clubs, and other sports and community organizations to deliver Play Bold programs to middle and high school girls.  Please reach out to us at info@hernextplay.org if you are interested in partnering to bring a Play Bold Leadership program to your team, school, or community.

Did you know?

  • Girls are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of boys in middle school.
  • Girls of color in urban and rural centers are dropping out of sports at twice the rate of white suburban girls.
  • Girls who play sports have higher confidence, more positive body image, and stronger leadership skills.
  • For female athletes, playing high school sports increases their odds for graduating college by 41% compared to non-athletes.

Play Bold Leadership Programs

Play Bold Sports Summit

Play Bold Sports Summits celebrate girl athletes, inspire them to stay in sports, develop as leaders, and promote a positive sports' culture. The one-day Summits include a mix of leadership development sessions and sports activities for middle school girls. Created by the Her Next Play Junior Varsity Board, the inaugural Play Bold Sports Summit included 130 middle school girls who participated in a day full of yoga, mental skills training, sports activities, nutrition sessions, photo booth fun, and learnings from a panel of Olympic women athletes.

98% of participants said they learned skills that they can use in sports & life!
99% said they felt inspired to stay in sports.
97% reported feeling more confident about taking risks and playing bold!

Play Bold Sports Camps

Play Bold Sports Camps combine sports specific skills training with development of leadership and mindset skills, to help girl athletes grow as players and leaders in an inspiring, brave, and supportive environment.  We partner with clubs, non-profits, and other organizations to host Play Bold Sports Camps for any sport.  Two recent camps are highlighted below.

Play Bold Basketball Camp

Through a combination of basketball training and skill build sessions, this program develops the leadership skills and mental mindset to help girls be strong leaders on their team and in their lives.  Each session includes 1.5 hours basketball training with an elite MYAS. Trusted Coach along with a 30 minute Her Next Play skill build sessions on one of the following topics:

  • Self Talk To Improve Performance

  • Play Bold Through Mistakes & Setback

  • Improving Your Game With Visualization

  • SEE US Be Confident, Real & Strong

Tennis and Leadership Camp

Her Next Play, Saint Paul Urban Tennis, The Fort, InnerCity Tennis and USTA Northern partnered to create a Tennis and Leadership Camp for middle school girls from under-represented communities. The five day camp included a mix of on court tennis drills and instruction, and off court leadership workshops and speakers.


The girls learned to Play Bold, and gained confidence in sharing their ideas and opinions, saw themselves represented in their female mentors, improved their tennis skills, met new people, and learned to practice leadership skills to establish a stronger sense of self.

“I learned that playing a sport can really help with building more courage within yourself.”
“It was the most fun experience I’ve ever had.”
"I learned it's okay to be me, wherever I am, even if people judge me."

Play Bold Huddles

To stay connected and work on their game during the pandemic, Her Next Play's Junior Varsity Board hosted "Play Bold Huddles" during the spring. These 30 minute virtual huddles for middle school athletes included conditioning, yoga, and high energy work outs, as well as speakers on leadership and mental skills. They learned from sports psychologists, athletes, and fitness experts on how to keep their game sharp during social distancing.

Play Today. Lead Tomorrow® Team Workshops.

The Play Today. Lead Tomorrow ® workshops help high school athletes build their leadership skills and mental mindset to be strong leaders on their team and in their lives. The workshops are conducted with teams and focus on helping athletes articulate the transferable leadership skills they are building through sports, and develop strong mental skills to effectively cope with adversity and demonstrate resiliency in sports and life. The four workshop series includes:

  • Your Superpower: Transferable Skills Built Through Sports

  • Playing Bold: Building Mental Toughness through Self Talk & Resilience

  • Confident Communication Skills:  Building Confidence through Improv

  • Building Your Team to DREAM BIG

EHS Dance Team 11.19.jpg

Captain’s Training

Being a captain is a powerful opportunity to develop leadership skills, and Her Next Play's Captain's Training is designed to equip and empower high school girls with the tools and confidence they need to be strong Captains. The Captain’s Training workshop includes leadership building, reflection, peer discussions, and opportunities to hear from powerful women athletes about their captain experiences.

Junior Varsity Board

The Her Next Play Junior Varsity Board is made up of middle and high school athletes who play a leadership role in developing our Play Bold Leadership programs. Leaders, change makers, and talented athletes in their community, JV Board members have been the driving force behind creating innovative programs for girl athletes, and have been recognized as Hometown Heroes, Bold Idea Contest Winners, and have been selected to receive the Mayor’s Commendation for Service to Youth.

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"If you play bold and take risks, you can change your life."

Girls' Sports Summit Participant

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