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Stay Active on LinkedIn

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Audra Emerson, Vice President, Her Next Play

Think back to your playing days, remember those athletes who spent their offseason time training hard and came back stronger when the season started. Many of us find ourselves with more time lately. Work hours have been reduced, we can’t go to dinner with friends, and our gym is closed. We can’t participate in, or go to sporting games. It’s tough, but think of this time as your offseason. Use it to train. To develop professionally so that you can come back from this time stronger and ready to succeed!

Stay Active on LinkedIn

Challenge – Spend at least 30 minutes every Friday on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a job search tool. It provides you a powerful way to build your professional brand and credibility. However, it takes time; time we don’t often take when we have demanding work schedules and a long list of other commitments. I challenge you to pick a day (Friday is my favorite) and dedicate 30 minutes to the following LinkedIn activities:

Provide a status update. Because your existing connections are notified whenever you publish an update it is a great way to stay top of mind. Consider an update on a project, share an article you read that really resonated with you, or share a tip you learned from a virtual training.

Like, Comment & Repost other people’s content.It is a great way to get noticed not just by your immediate network but by 2nd and 3rd degree connections as well.

Check your notifications for a list of anniversaries, birthdays, and job promotions for all your contacts. Send a congratulatory note, LinkedIn even makes it easy to congratulate people right from that screen. People remember these messages and the fact that you don’t only reach out to them when you need something.

Check your invitations and messages. Stay up to date on invitations to connect and messages you have received. These can be time sensitive and you don’t want to leave anyone hanging.

PRO TIP: Remember everything you say and do on LinkedIn builds your professional brand and reputation. So keep it professional, read articles before you repost them, keep comments positive, and don’t get political.

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