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Rookie Career Accelerator Financial Power Lab

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

On June 21st we hosted our 3rd Rookie Career Accelerator (RCA) Learning Lab at EmanuelsonPodas Inc. The Learning Lab focused on Financial Power and included speakers Kerry MeathSinkin, Alix Magner, and Callie Simpkins.

The Accelerator members had completed a financial assessment as pre-work, and the night began with a discussion of their “Money Stories”, facilitated by Kerry Meath-Sinkin. In small groups led by discussion leaders Temi Carda, Glynne Bassi, and Nia Harris, Accelerator members shared their core beliefs about money and how their "Money Story" has impacted their relationship with their financial power. It was a great opening to get people talking about their financial power and reflecting on their financial decision making.

Next, Alix Magner spoke on Financial Adulting and introduced some basic strategies to increase financial power. Cohort members had the opportunity to discuss their experiences with budgeting, debt, saving, and investing, as well as steps they should take to increase their financial power utilizing these strategies.

The Learning Lab wrapped up with speaker Callie Simpkins’ discussion on investing. Cohort members learned steps they could take to begin their investing journeys. We ended the evening with a reflection of the topics discussed. Accelerator members brainstormed goals to set to increase their financial power with concrete steps to achieve these goals. Many women in the program shared how valuable the night was. The energy leaving this room was inspiring and motivating.

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