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Health & Wellness after Competitive Sports

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The Her Next Play Career Accelerator Network hosted a Health and Wellness event at mXe Movement Studio. Guests rocked their MOJO workout and heard from health coach Allison Mosso about intuitive eating.


Alison Moss, owner of Mosso Nutrition and Fitness

AllisonMosso is a guiding light for women to develop body trust and introspective awareness. As the owner of Mosso Nutrition and Fitness, Allison provides virtual and in-person soulful health coaching, intuitive eating counseling, personal training, instructs public workshops and, employee health and wellness seminars. Through a non-restrictive approach, Allison helps women from all walks of life eliminate stress around food and body image, guide them on becoming their own intuitive eater, let go of their perfectionism and break free from yo-yo dieting to come home to their body. You can find her at

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