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Minnesota Girls' Basketball Summit

On Saturday, April 2nd, during the weekend of the Women’s Final Four, more than 70 middle school girls came together for the first ever Minnesota Girls’ Basketball Summit. The summit was a high energy, fun-filled day with inspiring speakers, activities, and most of all, basketball.

For Girls. By Girls.

The Minnesota Girls' Basketball Summit was brought to life by Nike Game Growers and Her Next Play JV Board members Lila and Claire. The goal of the summit was to teach girls the importance of sports through the four pillars of leadership, confidence, community, and healthy lifestyle.

“We have seen our friends and teammates quit athletics, and it made us sad to see that they had lost their passion for sports. We put on the Minnesota Girls' Basketball Summit to encourage girls from all around Minnesota to keep playing basketball.” - Lila and Claire

Leadership, Confidence, Community, and Healthy Lifestyle

The Summit kicked off with the girls hearing from Broadcaster Lea B. Olson and Minnesota Lynx Player Rachel Banham! Trainers from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx Academy - Alexis, Brandon, and Coley - engaged the girls in action-packed basketball drills and games, and Rachel played in with the girls.

Throughout the day girls heard from Alex Wulbecker-Smith (Premier Sport Psychology) on CONFIDENCE, Rasa Troup (Olympian and sports nutritionist) on HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, and Adrienne Jordan (Prouty Project) on COMMUNITY. At the end of the day they were surprised by a visit from Natalie White, founder of Moolah Kicks, the first women’s basketball brand!

It was a day full of basketball, community, leadership, games and fun!

Game Growers

As 8th graders Lila and Claire applied to be Nike Game Growers, and were drafted by the Minnesota Lynx. They had the incredible opportunity to fly to Nike Headquarters in Oregon for the Game Growers Training Camp, where they refined their idea for the Minnesota Girls’ Basketball Summit and came back home with the confidence to make it a reality. After multiple challenges due to Covid, Claire and Lila were grateful to finally see their idea of a Minnesota Girls’ Basketball Summit come to life.

“I can’t wait to see what Lila and Claire do in the years to come because I truly believe that these two are set to change the narrative around girls’ sports, change perceptions, and change the world.” - Joanna Stang, Minnesota Lynx.


The Minnesota Girls’ Basketball Summit was made possible by the generous support of sponsors. Thank you Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation, Her Next Play, Edina Community Foundation, and Twin Cities Orthopedics for your support!

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