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MYAS Rising Stars Winter Showcase

We were thrilled to partner with Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) to provide leadership development workshops to the outstanding athletes in the 2021 Rising Stars Winter Showcase. Over 200 girls competed in the one-day basketball tournament and participated in virtual workshops throughout the week leading up to the event. Girls in 4th-8th grade grew as leaders both on and off the court through interactive workshops sponsored by Her Next Play and Model Student Athlete

"The Self Talk session was FANTASTIC!"

We kicked off the week with the Play Bold! Self Talk to Improve Performance session, led by Taylor Finley, former Harvard Basketball player and Mental Health Performance Coach. Taylor talked about her own basketball career and how self-talk made a positive and negative impact on her game and life. They worked through the 4 steps to constructing positive self-talk to improve performance both on and off the court:

1. Be Aware of Your Negative Self-Talk

2. Reflect

3. Reframe

4. Practice

"Thank you for all that you do to support these girls in growing their confidence, self-esteem and other life skills that will serve them far beyond their playing years!"

On Wednesday Ally Baker led the Play Bold! Visualization to Improve Performance workshop. Ally shared how athletes use visualization and how it made a positive impact on her game. Girls practiced using all 5 senses to develop a detailed "mental rehearsal". They learned how visualization can help improve their technique, strategy, physical ability and their mental game. Then the girls brainstormed ways they can use visualization to reduce stress and improve performance in all aspects of their lives.

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