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Play Bold Basketball Camp

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Her Next Play partnered with MYAS Rising Stars Basketball Academy for a virtual basketball training and skill build sessions to develop the leadership skills and mental mindset to help middle school girls be strong leaders on their team and in their lives.

"I learned to be more confident and assertive. You can't be heard if you don't speak up." - Play Bold Camp Participant Participant


  • Self Talk To Improve Performance: Taylor Finley, former Harvard Basketball Player and Director of Premier Mindset Academy

  • Play Bold Through Mistakes & Setback: Lea B. Olsen, Sports Broadcaster, Founder of Rethink The Win, and former UMN Basketball player

  • Improving Your Game With Visualization: Ally Baker, Program and Engagement Coordinator at Fred Wells Tennis Center and former Gustavus Adolphus Tennis player

  • SEEUS Be Confident, Real & Strong: Courtney Place, Founder of SEE US and former Augustana University volleyball player

"This type of camp, built to really build the confidence of middle school girls is something my daughter really needs & I am so grateful that it exists." - Play Bold Camp Participant Parent
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