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University of Minnesota Career Accelerator Workshop

Her Next Play partnered with the University of Minnesota to host a Career Accelerator workshop. But this was not your average virtual training!

The Inside Scoop Hiring Case Study put UMN student athletes in the role of recruiters as they worked through an interactive case study to “hire” a marketing coordinator. They learned how recruiters source candidates, review resumes, evaluate candidates, interview and use social media in the hiring process. Along the way they discovered how to standout in each step of the hiring process. They learned the importance of making personal connections, how to create a compelling pitch, powerful resume tips, how to train for interviews, and how to build their brand through social media.

Competition for top internships and entry-level jobs is fierce. Fortunately, these student athletes learned strategies and tips to maximize every chance to succeed in the hiring process.

This workshop is part of the Career Accelerator Program designed specifically for women student-athletes. The series helps athletes build on their sports experiences as they prepare for what’s next in their careers. Contact us at to learn more about bringing this program to your college or team.

“I loved it! You managed to cover so many important items in a short amount of time. “
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